Stylist Wear has been designing and manufacturing garments for the Stylist and Pet Grooming industries for over 25 years. We continue to innovate and stay current with the leading trends.

There are care instructions on each label that are sewn into the garments, but we have a few tricks as well. Always wash cold and hang dry when possible. For garments with zippers it is a great idea to zip them up prior to washing and turn them inside out. This will increase the life of your zipper.

All of the items that are truly waterproof are clearly marked on this website. The rest of our fabrics are all water and hair resistant. This means that if you are splashed with water it will bead up and roll off. If you do get soaked the materials dry quickly. This includes our Crinkle Nylon, Silkara, and all of our Printed Designs.

The Crinkle Nylon and Silkara fabrics are nylon. Printed Designs are a polyester nylon blend. This makes cleaning them a snap and increases the durability.

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